We’re the Millers is a very stupid movie. It has stupid characters, stupid premises, and some very stupid lines. With that said, I laughed more times in this film than I did in almost any other this year. We’re the Millers is unique in that it is aware that it is stupid, and it embraces its stupidity. There is no way around this fact, so they take it and run with it, and create a fun time for the movies for all.

Like I said, We’re the Millers is quite stupid, but behind this stupidity is a very smart script. This film actually has some legitimate character development, but the audience does not really think about it because they are more engrossed in the jokes. The basic story of We’re the Millers is about a drug dealer named David Clark (played by Jason Sudeikis) who is robbed and completely broke. To get some cash, a big businessman named Brad Gurdlinger (played by Ed Helms) hires David to go across the Mexican border and smuggle back just a “smidge” of marijuana. Knowing that someone with his appearance will definitely have his vehicle checked at the border, David decides to form a fake family to go across the border to lower suspicion. He recruits his stripper friend Rose O’Reilly (played by Jennifer Aniston), his teenage neighbor (played by Will Poulter), and a punk girl who he comes across (Emma Roberts). They form the family and hijinks ensue! We get an odd combination of road trip and drug smuggling jokes, but the audience is always having a great time. The first two thirds of the film are extremely funny and fast paced, but the last third does tend to drag a bit. The biggest crime with the last third of the film is that the film tries a little too hard to send a message, and instead of coming off genuine, it is a little syrupy, and the audience would rather just laugh rather than have a theme shoved down their throat. Despite that though, the laughs are still aplenty in the last one third, but just not quite at the level of the first two thirds.

It can be very, very hard to sell movies this stupid, so one thing that is essential for a film like this is charm. We’re the Millers succeeds immensely on this level, especially due to the performances of all principal characters. This film is extremely well cast, and even David Clark, a bum drug dealer, comes off extremely sympathetic. Jason Sudeikis gives his best film performance yet as David Clark, and watching this film you can tell his career is about to break through in a big way. He simply nails every single joke, and has a great sarcasm and vocal tone that make even some not so hilarious lines hilarious. He manages to create chemistry with everyone on screen, has immense energy, and really puts it all into his performance. Sudeikis does the heavy lifiting of this film, but he is in great company with his supporting cast. Everyone in this film does exactly the task assigned to them: make the audience laugh. Jennifer Aniston is charming, funny, and finally shows signs of doing a film that isn’t a bust. Emma Roberts and Will Poulter are both hilarious and have great chemistry together. Ed Helms makes the most of what he has in the film. It isn’t much, but he gives it his all and still manages to be memorable. During the road trip that the “Millers” go on, they meet a whacky family named the Fitzgerald’s. The Fitzgerald’s are absolutely hilarious, thanks in no small part by the actors behind the characters. Nick Offerman cracks me up every time he talks as Don Fitzgerald, and Kathryn Hahn is just as hilarious as his wife Edie. They also have a daughter named Melissa who is more of a plot device than a character, and that is apparent as her character is thinly written. Regardless, Molly C. Quinn makes an attempt to portray her as more than just the cute girl, and that is admirable.

I have said it once, I’ll say it again. We’re the Millers is an extremely stupid film. There is no denying this, and director Rawson Thurber has seemed to embrace this stupidity and juice it for all its worth. Overall the script is very strong and much smarter than it appears, despite going into corny territory at the end of the film and maybe being 10 or 20 minutes too long. Some of the characters are thinly written, but that’s okay as the great performances make up for it. Everyone in this film is on point when it comes to comedic timing and energy, with Jason Sudeikis doing the heavy lifting and proving he can truly be a comedy star. You will not being hear the words We’re the Millers at the Oscars, but there was no intent of that happening. All We’re the Millers wants to do is tell a whacky story and produce a ton of laughs, and they succeed on that mission. Stupidity at it’s finest.


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